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Is your business stuck in neutral? Do you have a plan to grow? You are not alone. Many businesses are in your shoes. It is what you do next that determines the health of your business. 

The T-Werx Breakthrough Business Accelerator was created to help you look at your business, develop a growth strategy and be accountable to a group of fellow business owners .

High Performance Team


Define Growth

Every successful company has experienced its share of challenges. The art of problem solving is taught in this session so that in the future you have real options when dealing with challenges. 

This session challenges you to define your goals and what growth means to you. You will look at your business from a start to finish journey.  

Knowing your customer, keeping them and having them refer you are the intentions of this course. You will share in an enlightening experience on this critical topic





Where is your business at today and where would you like it to be?

During this session you will learn to state clearly and precisely what your product and services are, what makes them unique and why someone should care. 





Will you need employees? Hire Contractors? Or develop a network of allied professionals. This session focuses on how to build an integrated team of these individuals to make your business grow as efficiently as possible. 

Brand is a tricky thing. It is vital that it truly represents who claim to be. In this series the Brand question will be carefully examined so that who you say you are really is what your customers expected.


The Breakthrough Program

Take Action!

If you want to see you business grow significantly, the Breakthrough program is for you. Our proprietary 6 week Business Growth Boot-camp and Monthly Private Mastermind Group will give you the tools and accountability to succeed. Your group will include CEOs/Business Owners from different industries that you will be able to leverage for their expertise. 

Our program is facilitated by John Russell of The Russell Consulting Group and business experts from our local business community. 

The time is now to take your first steps toward breaking your business through to the next level of grow. Take action today and sign up for this program!

Accepting Applications 

Cost = $2400 ($1200 + $200mo/6 mos)


$2000 (15% discount)/1 Payment

Breakthrough Business Accerator 

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